Historic Olive Oil Mill in Pisa

The olive oil mill, Frantoio Lupi, was established in 1983, though its true origins date back even further. This work is a true family passion that has been handed down over the years; the current owner, Spartaco Lupi, recounts that his great-grandfather opened a mill in 1890, where his grandfather had also worked . With the arrival of new technologies and the first electric-powered engines, the family olive-press was closed. However, Spartaco Lupi's grandfather continued to work as an employee in a new-generation mill, where he began to become familiar with the new processing techniques based on the recent technological innovations. Subsequently, Mr. Spartaco's father undertook this job as well, working within the same mill until 1960, when he took over the management with two other partners. This drive and entrepreneurial spirit has been passed down through the generations and has continued the passion for creating exclusively "made in Italy" olive oil.
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Tuscan oil PGI 

Frantoio Lupi respects the integrity of Italian olive oil, processing olives exclusively from our territory every day, in order to produce products of absolute excellence, such as extra virgin olive oil, organic extra virgin olive oil and olive oil with Protected Geographical Indication, typical of Tuscany.
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Always open during pressing

During the period of pressing, Frantoio Lupi is always open from 7:00 to 24:00. In addition, Lupi also completes milling and pressing operations on behalf of third parties, becoming a point of reference for small and medium-sized companies, as well as for individuals.

Worldwide shipping

The oil produced with our label is shipped all over the world, accurately and on time, with fast deliveries that are guaranteed to arrive at your home intact with all the organoleptic characteristics that a good oil must have.
For more information call the number 347 6090984
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